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Hafiz Saeed

speculation and conspiracy theories continue to swirl around Hafiz Saeed’s deteriorated health, with many hinting at the possibility of foul play | Image:PTI

Islamabad: Hafiz Saeed, the most wanted terrorist and 26/11 mastermind, has reportedly been admitted to a hospital in Pakistan, where he is battling for his life in the intensive care unit (ICU). Reports claimed that Saeed was poisoned by an unidentified individual, leading to his urgent hospitalization. Since then, speculation and conspiracy theories continue to swirl around  Hafiz Saeed’s deteriorated health, with many hinting at the possibility of foul play. Moreover, allegations of Indian involvement in targeted assassinations within Pakistan have also resurfaced, adding fuel to the already tense relations between the two nations. 

‘Pakistan’s Propaganda’

India has continuously refuted any involvement in the purported killings of terrorists in Pakistan, terming such allegations as part of “Pakistan’s propaganda.” Indian authorities have consistently denied any role in such incidents.

“As the world knows, Pakistan has long been the epicentre of terrorism, organised crime, and illegal transnational activities. India and many other countries have publicly warned Pakistan cautioning that it would be consumed by its own culture of terror and violence,” MEA’s statement from a briefing in January said. 

Hafiz Saeed Trends on Twitter

The hashtag #HafizSaeed has been trending on Twitter, with users expressing diverse opinions. Some perceive his illness as a karmic consequence of his past actions, while others speculate that it might be a strategic move aimed at eliminating a perceived threat. 

Some people on X said the reports came after Prime Minister Modi threatened terror outfits they would enter into their territory and hunt them down. Check out some of the reactions below.

Another user shared PM Modi’s 2019 statement, where he had warned Pakistan, “Ghar Me Ghus Ke Marenge”. 

Fake News of Dawood Ibrahim Being Poisoned

Earlier, the rumours surrounding fugitive underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s alleged poisoning and hospitalisation circulated on social media. 

Later, intelligence sources confirmed that Ibrahim was neither poisoned nor dead. 


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