Instagram testing a 'Latest Posts' feature that mimics the platform's original layout

Instagram is testing a ‘Latest Posts’ feature that mimics the platform’s original layout by letting users see the newest posts first

  • ‘Latest Posts’ is a recently discovered test from Instagram
  • The prototype lets users organize posts so that the most recent appears first
  • This hearkens back to how the platform was originally designed
  • Instagram says it’s not ready or willing to set the feature live yet 

The days of viewing your Instagram feed in reverse chronological order may not be gone for good.

According to frequent feature-spotter Jane Manchun Wong who reverse engineers apps to find hidden tests, the platform is flirting with a feature that would let users display posts in their feeds in chronological order – a layout that those who have used Instagram for long enough may find familiar.   

‘Instagram is working on “Latest Posts” feed for catching up feed posts,’ tweeted Manchun Wong

‘This sounds like the chronological feed people are asking for. Similar, but not the same.’

Instagram has since confirmed the feature with TechCrunch who first reported on its existence and said that it is an ‘early prototype’ from ‘a recent hackathon – it is not available to anyone publicly, and we have no plans to test or launch it at this time.’

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While the platform says that it doesn’t currently have plans to launch the feature, similar findings from Manchun Wong have gone on to actually make their way to Instagram.

Adding credence to the idea that Instagram may in fact introduce the feature, is the fact that it has consistently shown willingness to change some of its most iconic features throughout the last year.

Among the features potentially on the chopping block is the ability to see likes on fellow users’ posts.

Instagram started to roll out a test for some users last year that hides the number of likes on other users’ posts in an apparent effort to help improve the platform’s effect on mental health.

This month, Instagram also introduced a feature that lets you suss out your least favorite accounts by using filters that take into account likes, messages, and more.

Instagram has shown willingness to axe some of its oldest features including the ability to see how many likes a post has (Stock image)

Instagram has shown willingness to axe some of its oldest features including the ability to see how many likes a post has (Stock image)

In addition to letting user sort by which accounts they interact with the least, the platform will also let users see which accounts appear in their feeds the most and which accounts they followed first and last.

The feature, which is a first for the platform, is designed to help users manage their followers more closely according to Instagram.

To try the feature out, users can navigate to their followers and by tapping on their personal page icon in the bottom right of the Instagram interface and then selecting options under ‘categories.’

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