Instagram CEO confirms iPad app not coming anytime soon

Photo-and-video sharing platform Instagram has apps for Android and iOS. iPad users, since a long time, have been asking Instagram for a compatible app for the bigger screen. iPad users may have to continue dealing with their longing disappoint after Instagram’s latest update on the tablet-compatible app.

Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri has revealed that the company has no plans to launch an iPad-compatible app. Mosseri confirmed the news through a reply to a Twitter user’s query. Raymond Wong, senior editor at Input, asked Mosseri for an update on the Instagram iPad app.

Mosseri’s tweet read, “Not likely any time soon, though nothing is written in stone”. 

Although Mosseri didn’t state any reason for not releasing an iPad compatible app for Instagram, one of the reasons being speculated is ads, which are designed for vertical full-screens. Releasing an iPad app would result in redesigning the ad layout and is likely to reduce user attention and interaction rate. 

This does not mean that the Instagram app for the iPad is not going to ever release. Although not any time soon, Mosseri did not rule out the possible launch of a tablet-compatible app for Instagram.

Currently, there is no direct method to download Instagram on iPad. Users have, however, found a way to get the iPhone app on a much bigger screen. Users can tap on 2x on the bottom corner to get a blown-up version of the iPhone-compatible app. 

Instagram also has a web version but it comes with limited features. Users can only like and comment under a post, scroll through the ‘Explore’ tab and view their profile. Instagram web, currently, does not support reading or replying direct messages.Are you happy with your current monthly income? Do you know you can double it without working extra hours or asking for a raise? Rahul Shah, one of the India’s leading expert on wealth building, has created a strategy which makes it possible… in just a short few years. You can know his secrets in his FREE video series airing between 12th to 17th December. You can reserve your free seat here.

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