Inside PrimEvil’s Halloween scare experience – with blood-thirsty zombies, possessed clowns and scare mazes

CLUTCHING my partner, we nervously edge our way toward the dark entrance. 

Suddenly a high-pitched scream echoes from the distance and emerging from the darkness, we spot a group of blood-thirsty zombies, slowly shuffling toward us. 

Visitors will face live actors dressed as possessed clowns and zombies


Visitors will face live actors dressed as possessed clowns and zombiesCredit: Prim Evil

We were their target. 

Fighting-off the strong urge to run, we finally reached the ticket box. 

Tonight we’d decided to swap our traditional cinema date-night for an evening of thrills at PrimEvil in Norfolk.

The award-winning scare experience has been installed especially for Halloween and features five different “haunts”.

Now in it’s 12th year, its makers have once again transformed Lenwade’s ROARR! Dinosaur Adventure theme park into a series of spine-tingling horrors that promise to entertain guests with “surprise rooms, obstacles, and jumps around every corner”.

Visitors will face live actors dressed as possessed clowns and creepy corridors of a deserted manor house.

To amp-up the fear factor, the place is closed during the day, opening after-dark only, at 6pm.

We were yet to pass the entrance and tensions were already at an all-time high.

What other terrifying monsters laid beyond the ticket box? We were anxious to find out.

Inside, the atmosphere is calm but eerie.

Eager visitors are dotted around a large seating area, tucking into mouth-watering food and vegan grub from the surrounding street food trucks.

Industrial-looking fairy lights have jollied-up the area, but this isn’t enough to mellow our nerves.

Passing waffle stalls and a barbecue, we settle on juicy burgers, washed down with gin tipples and spooky cocktails.

Beyond the food area, the experience is split into smaller sections including the Circus of Terror, filled with creepy clowns, Route 666, a forest trail haunted by Pig Man and his cannibal family and a pitch-black scare maze filled with winding corridors, titled The Crypt. 

There’s even a gentle nod to Covid at the Insanitorium Infected section. Guests have to navigate a military medical facility, avoiding the contaminated as they hunt out the vaccine room.

The fears don’t end there either, spookily-dressed street performers roam the paths ready to pounce – so be on your guard. 

With so many twists and turns, the scares just keep on coming.

It wasn’t all thrills and screams though, the whole experience had us giggling all the way through.

PrimEvil is open until October 31 and tickets cost from £21 for standard, £30 for fast tack and £40 for VIP.

There's the Circus of Terror, filled with creepy clowns


There’s the Circus of Terror, filled with creepy clownsCredit: Prim Evil

The event is only for those aged 12 and over and under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.

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