Infrastructure, agility key to digital transformation: IBM India

Pune: Infrastructure will play a critical role in how companies handle digital transformation going forward, according to IBM India executives Viswanath Ramaswamy and Ravi Jain.

Traditionally, infrastructure has been taken for granted, but the extreme speed with which technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain have been adopted and the rising demand for hybrid cloud, has changed that.

“The acceleration of digital transformation has fundamentally changed and unravelled a lot of things across various companies,” Viswanath Ramaswamy, vice president – technology, IBM Technology Sales, IBM India/South Asia, said. As companies reshape their business models, technology has become an important fabric in running the business itself, he said.

IBM has witnessed increased demand from sectors like banking and financial services and manufacturing. Any company that is modernising its applications and dealing with a high volume of data is also a potential customer. The higher demand has spiked expectations for what applications can deliver.

“You need agility in the way the applications respond to these new requirements. Cloud is no longer a destination but a capability,” said Ravi Jain, director – server sales, IBM India/South Asia. “It gives companies the agility needed to respond as fast as possible to end customers.”

Most new-generation workloads leverage AI, where the system is first trained and then it self-learns to become more efficient. For instance, most identity verification is now done online. Once the system has been trained to identify certain photo IDs and grab details from it, then every time a photo ID is shown the system processes that data, which entails a high compute workload.

“The inference workload is very essential in AI computing these days and we’re bringing in a capability to do AI inferencing without using a GPU for acceleration,” Jain said.

IBM recently announced the launch of a new generation of servers based on the new IBM Power10 processor to meet changing customer demands and market needs. “It is targeted at frictionless performance and scalability for hybrid cloud workloads,” Jain said.

With most companies adopting hybrid cloud, data security has become even more important, he said, not only when it is on the cloud, but also when it is moving between one premise to another.



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