Indian Wedding Season: Firangs at wedding, the next big thing!

The Big Fat Indian Wedding Season will be kicking off on November 23 and run till December 15.

This year, the wedding business is expected to reach record levels. For those into numbers, there’s supposed to be around 35 lakh weddings that will generate business to the tune of Rs 4.25 lakh crore, the highest ever. Many among them will be multi-day, mini versions of extravagant dhamaka weddings of the kind Bollywood‘s glitziest scenes showcase as options for a wedding in your crores-need-to-be-spent family. Weddings with all the works, that is, waterworks included.

So, it’s hardly surprising, then, that there would be a smart cookie who would sign up Indian couples ready to welcome foreigners to their weddings, making it an ultimate ‘cultural immersive’ experience for these outlying outsiders.

One can pay to be on the ‘guest list’, or even be an ‘active participant’ in a traditional Indian shaadi.

On offer: a chance to dress up in ‘traditional’ wedding clothes, taste ‘exotic’ flavours and dance away till the Bollywood dance moves they practised in NYC comes to social use. This is a super business idea. While ‘firang’ presence can bump up a wedding stock (and probably recoup some costs, too), all those foreigners who couldn’t get that part of an extra in those Sanjay Leela Bhansali dance scenes, here’s the next best thing on offer.

Grab it!


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