I’m a flight attendant who only carries hand luggage on holiday – here’s how

A FLIGHT attendant has revealed how she packs three pairs of shoes and still manages to travel with only hand luggage.

Excess baggage fees can be a real pain for passengers, with limited space meaning limited clothing choices on holiday.

Some people swear by packing cubes which help to add more space in suitcases


Some people swear by packing cubes which help to add more space in suitcasesCredit: Getty

However, a flight attendant has revealed her method for taking multiple footwear options, without filling up her suitcase.

The American Airlines cabin crew member recommends taking two pairs of flatter shoes, rather than anything too big, which can be squashed down easily.

Then she takes a bigger and more practical pair, which are worn on the plane.

She suggests putting the shoes into the case first, before putting other items on top.

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In an interview with Thrillist, she said: “Limit the amount of shoes you bring. These take up the most space in your suitcase.

“A good way to make use of your shoe space is to bring flip-flops or flats, which take up zero space, a pair of boots/sneakers/walking shoes (which you can wear on the plane), and one pair of dress shoes.

“Then fold all jeans and pants as you normally would and roll them up, placing them on top of the shoes next to each other. Then do the same for shirts. Lastly, all underwear and socks go on the top or in empty crevices.”

Rolling clothes is an increasingly popular technique among frequent flyers, with even tidying expert Marie Kondo using the method when she travels.

She suggests starting with a “clean slate” by removing anything from your last trip that may be left over in your bag.

She then suggests laying everything out, before putting the clothes into categories, and folding them as small as possible.

Marie recommends rolling thinner fabrics instead of folding them, as it will both reduce creases and wrinkles, while also helping to get them into a smaller package for your bag.

Packing certain items together can avoid them spreading out too much across your luggage.

By moving make up, cables and shoes into small bags or pouches, it can keep them separate from your clothes, but also ensures they remain compact.

Underwear can also be given its own smaller bag or pouch, while putting underpants and socks inside bra cups can also save space.

Meanwhile, this suitcase-free packing hack was described as “genius”.

And this toiletries hack makes packing for holidays much simpler.

Rolling and folding clothes in certain ways can help maximise space


Rolling and folding clothes in certain ways can help maximise spaceCredit: Getty


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