I’m a car cleaning expert…B&M essential will make your mats look like brand new – it’s controversial but works

A CAR cleaning expert has revealed a B&M essential that will leave your mats looking brand new.

Dave from Epic Automotive Detailing shared some of the secrets he’s picked up in 15 years in the industry on his YouTube channel.

Car cleaning expert Dave revealed an easy hack for cleaning your rubber mats


Car cleaning expert Dave revealed an easy hack for cleaning your rubber matsCredit: Youtube/ Epic Automotive Detailing
All you need is a standard all-purpose cleaning spray


All you need is a standard all-purpose cleaning sprayCredit: Youtube/ Epic Automotive Detailing

Dave showed viewers how to scrub up the rubber mats from their motor’s footwells and get them shiny and fresh.

He said: “There are so many different ways that you can clean your rubber mats.

“Today, we’re just going to keep it simple.

“I know there are going to be some detailers out there who don’t approve of this approach but…at the end of the day these are purely rubber mats, they’re not your best china.”

All you need is a multi-purpose kitchen spray, something like bog-standard kitchen cleaner, which you can pick up cheaply at shops like Poundland or B&M.

If you have that, a bucket and a scrubbing brush, it couldn’t be easier to leave your mats spic and span.

First, prepare the mats by going over them with a vacuum cleaner, just to get up any loose dirt or debris and make your life that little bit easier.

Then spray them down with the cleaning fluid and dunk your brush in a washing-up bowl filled with lukewarm water before scrubbing firmly.

The cleaner will likely foam up and go a darker colour as the grime is extracted from the rubber – this means it’s working.

Once you’ve scrubbed every nook and cranny, just wipe down with an old towel or cleaning rag and the mats should be good as new.

However, Dave revealed an “extra step” that you can make to take your cleaning game to another level.

He used a “plastic coat” liquid to give the mats an extra shiny finish.

You only need “the tiniest of blobs” on a sponge to wipe down the whole mat and leave it sparkling.

The exact product he used, from Infinity Wax, can be picked up online for just £12.75 per 500ml.

Social media commenters went wild for the handy hack.

One wrote: “Thank you for the video Dave. Good tips there.”

Another added: “That’s a great result, the mats looked awesome.”

It comes after a motors star revealed how to defrost your windscreen in seconds using a 10p everyday item.

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Dave also explained that you can use a 'plastic coat' wax to give the mats a shiny finish


Dave also explained that you can use a ‘plastic coat’ wax to give the mats a shiny finishCredit: Youtube/ Epic Automotive Detailing


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