I’ll ‘never shop at Asda again’ over HUGE change to self-checkouts before Christmas – customers hate it

LIVID supermarket shoppers customers have vowed never to return to Asda over a feared increased the number of self-checkout.

One said removing manned tills and increasing self-service checkouts at Asda will be a disaster in the run up to Christmas – one of the busiest times of the year.

ASDA customers have vowed never to return after it massively increased the number of self-checkouts


ASDA customers have vowed never to return after it massively increased the number of self-checkoutsCredit: Getty

They added how a self-serve future is not what people at a branch in Cheltenham, Glos, want.

They fumed on X: “I will no longer be going to your store and spending my money there because you have extended the self-checkout tills and removed nearly all the manned tills, right in the run up to one of the busiest times of the year.

“This is not the future consumers want and I hope it hits your pockets hard.”

Other Asda stores are getting a pasting from shoppers, too.

One shopper in Cambridgeshire said they were so hacked off with the self-checkout expansion they abandoned their groceries in protest.

They wrote on Facebook: “Went to our local Asda (Wisbech) this morning for a few bits, I have complemented them before but….there were no manned checkouts open.

“The lady in front of me said I can’t use the self-checkouts and I said I won’t.

“I went to the staff person in charge of the self checkouts and asked for a manned checkout to be opened, explaining the situation and she refused citing no staff available.

“I said you better get someone to put all the fresh and frozen shopping in my trolley back on the shelves and left.”

It is not clear if Asda has increased the number of self-checkout tills, or if manned tills just weren’t open on the days the shoppers visited.

Asda aren’t the only store getting wrapped for cutting cashiers.

One customer in Peterborough Waitrose blasted the posh nosh shop for causing queues after tearing out face-to-face tills.

Two images posted online showed an empty self-checkout area and a long line of shoppers queuing for a manned till.

They wrote: “People clearly don’t like to be pushed into using self check-outs. Lord knows what Christmas will be like.”

A growing rebellion has grown against the alleged takeover of supermarket self-checkouts in recent years.

One Facebook group called ‘Keep Chashiers’ has nearly 18,000 members who blame unmanned tills for causing queues, never being open and encouraging shoplifting.

Asda and Waitrose have been approached for comment.


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