ICICI Bank faces intermittent downtime on payment stack

Private lender on Tuesday faced intermittent issues in its digital delivery for a few hours with some users taking to social media to complain about problems in processing transactions. While it could not be ascertained what was the glitch, it was fixed in a few hours.

Prior to the lender fixing the issue, bank users complained that they were unable to access either their net-banking or the mobile app. Some other users also complained about failure in UPI related transactions.

It could not be ascertained how many ICICI Bank customers were impacted due to the downtime, though insiders claimed it was not widespread and was fixed as soon as the issue was spotted.

ICICI Bank user B Mathur who tried logging to internet banking tweeted an error message which stated that “the page you are looking is temporarily unavailable,”


“We tried logging into 3 family accounts, from 2 different laptops over 15 minutes, getting this error message in all the cases. Seeing similar messages from many other users on your timeline just now. Please tell us when the problem will be fixed,” he said.

Another user Mohan Kumar queried whether the digital channels were down as he was facing issues in processing UPI transactions.

Another ICICI customer Swapnil Wankhede tweeter a screenshot of the mobile app which showed an error message that read, “the service is currently available. Please try after some time.”


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