'I was disappointed, but not surprised' – 'hidden army' of carers condemn Social Care Levy

What did Boris Johnson announce?

In a speech delivered to the House of Commons, the Prime Minister laid out how these plans will be funded, while assuring the Government was listening to carers.

Mr Johnson detailed: “From next April we will create a new, UK-wide, 1.25 percent Health and Social Care Levy on earned income, hypothecated in law to health and social care, with dividends rates increasing by the same amount.

“This will raise almost £36 billion over the next three years, with money from the levy going directly to health and social care across the whole of our United Kingdom.

“This won’t be pay awards for middle management, it will go straight to the front line at a time when we need to get more out of our health and social care system than ever before.”

Mr Johnson went on to assure the Government was committed to reforming long-term care issues which have plagued the UK for many years.

“And as we fix this long-term long-standing problem in social care, we will also address the fears that many have about how their loved ones will be looked after, by investing in the quality of care, in carers themselves, and by integrating health and care in England so older people and disabled people are cared for better, with dignity, and in the right setting,” he said.


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