I saved almost £400 with Martin Lewis holiday tip & I got a cheeky bonus too – I’ll ALWAYS do it in future

MARTIN Lewis helped a holidaymaker to save a wad of cash with his latest travel tip.

The Money Saving Expert warned drivers to watch out for hidden insurance costs when renting hire cars.

Martin Lewis revealed some key things to keep in mind with car rentals


Martin Lewis revealed some key things to keep in mind with car rentalsCredit: Rex

Martin’s latest MSE newsletter said customers could be encouraged to pay when they pick up their rental car.

He said: “Car hire usually includes basic insurance, yet at the pick-up desk, they almost always try to push you to get ‘excess cover insurance’ costing up to £25/day using scare stories of huge bills for just a scratch – or sometimes implying you have to do it.”

Instead, Martin told drivers to pay insurance in advance, which could cost them a little as £2 a day.

This will save motorists £23 a day.

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In his weekly email, Martin spoke about his “success of the week”, which featured a motorist called Chris who rented a car during a trip to France.

He followed Martin’s advice and ended up making massive savings on his holiday.

“The email prompted me to let you know about a car hire excess cover success.

Last year, we went to a wedding in France and bought excess cover for £6 for a long weekend. Unfortunately, I kerbed the car and was charged £400 repairs.

I claimed excess cover and had it all paid back to me, including a cheeky bonus from the exchange rates changing. Will always do it in future. Thanks.”

MSE also warned people to be cautious as the pick-up desk may try to suggest that the pre-purchased insurance won’t work.

This comes as Martin rounded up the best summer essential bargains.

The site’s team of “deals hunters” searched high and low and rounded up the best deals currently to be had, including an electric fan for just £3 and a paddling pool for only £5.

Currently, the cheapest desk fan, measuring four inches, can be bought at either The Range or Home Bargains for just £2.99.

Meanwhile, Amazon and Asda offer them for £5.

If you’re looking for something a bit bigger, fans measuring between six and seven inches can be bought from The Range for £10.

A popular size, measuring 11-12 inches, can be snapped up for £15 from Screwfix.

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