I live completely off grid in a trailer under blazing hot desert sun & spend NOTHING on bills thanks to the weather

A MAN who lives completely off grid in a trailer in the middle of a desert shows how he spends nothing on bills thanks to the weather.

“Bob the camping man” has found online fame thanks to his TikTok page where he is known as ‘Bobsnextadventure’ and has 88,000 loyal followers.

Bob lives under the blazing sun of the Utah desert


Bob lives under the blazing sun of the Utah desertCredit: tiktok/@bobsnextadventure
He lives off grid and doesn't need mod cons


He lives off grid and doesn’t need mod consCredit: tiktok/@bobsnextadventure

Over the years he has shown how he gets by in the Utah desert living in a trailer without the need for all mod cons.

In one post he revealed just how he managed to survive without spending any money on bills.

His secret is solar panels.

In the short footage he said: “I take the solar panel and I set it out… so it looks something like that.”

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The clip shows a couple of solar panels set up in the sand, facing the sun.

Bob adds: “I adjust it to point to the sun and I take the cord and I take it over to the battery pack and I plug it in.”

The meter on the battery pack shows it is running at 26 per cent, producing 69 watts merely from using the sun.

The film then cuts to show Bob holding up a light.

He says: “And for my main source of light at night is this little guy here.”

Bob explained that he kept that charged is by fixing it to a smaller solar panel which he says keeps him “lit up at night”.

He did add though that if the sun isn’t shining he then “dramatically decrease the amount of power I use to save enough power till the next time the sun is shining”.

The clip has been something of a hit on the social media platform, notching up more than 7,00 likes and generated over 100 comments.

Many commentators weighed in with their own titbits of advice or queries about the equipment.

Others just praised Bob’s lifestyle, with one saying: “Bob, you make me proud.”

Another wrote: “Following so I can learn. Thank you for your knowledge.”

While a third said: “Something about your videos feel so wholesome, I love off grid living and your videos are very interesting.”

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Bob gets his energy by using solar panels


Bob gets his energy by using solar panelsCredit: tiktok/@bobsnextadventure
The solar panels are then connected to the battery pack on his trailer


The solar panels are then connected to the battery pack on his trailerCredit: tiktok/@bobsnextadventure


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