‘I have failed at Twitter’: Andie MacDowell says social media site has ’caused her pain’

Andie MacDowell has implied she may quit Twitter, explaining that using the social media platform has “mostly caused her pain”.

On Tuesday, the Four Weddings and a Funeral star shared a series of tweets highlighting the negative impact Twitter has had on her since joining the platform seven years ago.

MacDowell, who has more than 50,000 followers, stated that she feels as though she has “failed at Twitter”.

“My sharing has mostly [caused] me pain,” the actor said. “I read mean things from people I don’t know.”

MacDowell added that Twitter has opened her up to “sarcasm and too many mean people”, something which she feels she is unable to comprehend because she is from a “different generation”.

The 61-year-old also said that she finds it “odd” that social media users feel the need to “show everything” on platforms such as Instagram, stating that in her opinion it feels like an “awkward and uncomfortable” practice.

In her final tweet, MacDowell hinted that her time on Twitter may be coming to an end, outlining how her daughter, actor Margaret Qualley, had told her to quit the social media platform “years ago”.

“It’s ok with me to accept failure here,” the actor wrote.

“I appreciated any kindness I have received. We are all dealing with real life issues. Peace be with you.”

Several of MacDowell’s followers responded to her tweets with messages of kindness and support.

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“Your generosity and positivity on Twitter has honestly been a bright light in my feed – you certainly haven’t failed!” one person wrote.

“Totally understand the need to get away, though you’ll be missed.”

“Social media is toxic. We all proceed at our own risk. Sending love,” another added.

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Earlier this month, a study concluded that young people who spend an excessive amount of time in front of digital screens are more likely to exhibit signs of depression.

The research, which was published in journal JAMA Pediatrics, discovered that for every additional hour adolescents spend on social media, they exhibit an increase in symptoms of depression.

“Social media and television are forms of media that frequently expose adolescents to images of others operating in more prosperous situations, such as those with ‘perfect’ bodies and a more exciting or rich lifestyle,” Elroy Boers, post-doctoral researcher from the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Montreal.



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