I found THOUSANDS in cash stuffed in envelopes while renovating my house – and there’s an incredible twist

A LUCKY man found thousands of dollars in cash stuffed in envelopes while renovating his house.

Posting under the name Maomoondog, the user shared his lucky find on social media site Reddit.

The redditor claimed to have found over $3k in old notes and coins


The redditor claimed to have found over $3k in old notes and coinsCredit: Maomoondog / Reddit
He stumbled upon the cash filled envelopes while doing a DIY project in his old home


He stumbled upon the cash filled envelopes while doing a DIY project in his old homeCredit: Maomoondog / Reddit

The original post was captioned: “I found over $3k in old notes and coins!”

Maomoondog went on to explain that he “recently found over $3000 in old notes while doing a DIY project in my old home”.

He said: “I’m a total newbie to this and am slowly starting to learn if there might be some value to these other than face value.

“The notes range from the 1920’s to the late 1950’s. I can’t seem to find any reference to serial numbers or print runs for any of these older notes. Where can I find some more info on older notes to help me sort the ones that might have greater value?”

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The Redditor then explained that 13 years ago, he and his wife had bought an old Victorian home as a restoration project.

He then found out that the old lady had passed shortly after the purchased.

It was only after when Maomoondog decided to renovate that he found two safes which contained the exciting discovery.

He added: “Interestingly almost all the notes are from the years 1950 and 1963 with no years in between.

“Not sure what the significance of those years would be but clearly she was collecting those two years. There were a handful of notes prior to 1950.”

And fellow Reddit users were quick to share their opinion on his winning discovery and offer up words of advice.

One urged him to keep the money in good condition, saying: “Protect the notes and coins! Do not bend them, touch them with bare hands, not the coins, not the bills.”

Another said: “When i renovated my attic I found an old local railroad token. I still yearn to find a bag of money. Good for you.”

“I would love to hear more about where in the house the money was hidden. Congrats on a great find,” a third commented.

And the Redditor then expanded on his story with a series of other posts linking to the original.

In these he shared that $3k wads of cash were stuffed into envelopes.

He added that “the money had to have been stashed away for 60 plus years before I found it”.

The amazing discovery is even more astonishing when you consider the notes are potentially up to 100 years old and could be worth much more than face value to avid collectors.

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Recently, another man similarly made a lucky find when he stumbled upon nearly £6 million hidden inside a storage unit he bought at an auction.

And earlier today a treasure hunter was stunned to find a hidden gem in his parents’ attic worth thousands.


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