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'I felt like an outsider' How man made £10million business by age 26

Mr Hodd thought he was destined for football stardom, training his entire life to become a professional player, yet despite playing for stellar teams and earning good money, he found using his creativity far more appealing as a career.

“Whilst my experience of elite sport was incredible, and saw me rub shoulders with current household names like Harry Kane and Jack Grealish, I always felt like an outsider in football.”

On the way to and from games Mr Hodd would read business books and take a hand at designing brand logos, filling as much of his free time as possible with entrepreneurial activities. 

Capitalising on what he was learning about through his sporting career, he teamed up with his childhood friend Rory Jeffries to create yoga mat and shaker bottle retailer Shake It at only 17-years-old.

“Every hour I had away from football I ploughed into the business. I’d be up early to work before training every day, and jumped on trains down to London on my days off to promote our brand.”


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