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Photo Hyundai's Ioniq 5 Interior Tease

Hyundai’s Ioniq 5 Interior Tease

Hyundai’s new electric car – the Ioniq 5 – is back for another tease,  this time the ‘Eco’ interior, ahead of a reveal on 23 February.

Hyundai has been busy teasing the Ioniq 5 – the first of a range of electric cars under the Ioniq sub-brand – for the last couple of months, with a tease for the Ioniq 5’s debut, some moody Ioniq 5 photos and an Ioniq 5 video with back end on show.

In amongst the teases from Hyundai, we’ve also had the leak of official specs for the Ioniq 5, with Hyundai Austria accidently posting details of the Ioniq 5 First Edition which will come with 58kWh battery, two motors for 4WD and 304bhp, good for 0-62mph in 5.2 seconds and official range of 280 miles.

Now, with the Ioniq 5’s official debut just a week away, Hyundai is back with another tease, this time for the Ioniq 5’s interior.

It seems the interior will be bigger than you expect because it’s an EV on an EV-specific Platform (a given), with a strong ‘Eco’ focus (a given for 2021) with eco-processed leather, sustainable textiles made from stuff like sugar cane bio components wool and poly yarns and even recycled PET plastic bottles.

To make shuffling around inside, the centre console moves back and forth, and to get comfy the ‘Zero-Gravity’ front seats come with a leg rest for relaxed waiting for a recharge.

Hyundai also announce there will be an Ioniq 5 ‘Project 45’ model limited to 3,000 across the UK and Europe available to order from the day of debut (23 February). Which sounds like the First Edition Hyundai Austria leaked.

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