Hydrogen expert joins faculty to drive renewable research – News – The University of Sydney

As an expert in hydrogen storage technologies, Professor Aguey-Zinsou has worked to develop materials that enable the safe storage, distribution, and transport of hydrogen with the aim of advancing the technology and implementing it as a tool toward a decarbonised world.

“Australia needs technical expertise, graduates, and innovative solution to support its ambition to become a world- leading hydrogen export nation.”

Professor Aguey-Zinsou hopes to see Australia seize the opportunities available via early investment in hydrogen and believes that engagement with the research and development sector will allow Australia to develop a “hydrogen valley”, owning key hydrogen technologies that will drive future markets.

“Australia is blessed with a significant amount of renewable resources that can be harvested to generate hydrogen that could help to decarbonise the world” states Professor Aguey-Zinsou.

“This is a great ambition and a huge task that cannot be solely driven by the private sector, especially if we want to create real value for the Australian people, including local jobs.”


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