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LONDON, Oct. 26, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — On October 17, Huobi has released its September report and after 7 years in the business, Huobi is celebrating its 7 year anniversary in September 2020 with open mind-sets and belief in the limitless future of the blockchain industry. It helps empower digital assets to enter the stage of DeFi 2.0.

1. Data of Huobi Token

The total number of HTs burnt in the month of September is 3,940,600, (about 18,615,900 USDT), which is 20.1% decrease than that of August, and the total number of HTs burnt in the month of October 15, 2020 is 223,110,000.

The circulating deflation rate for the month is about: 1.3 % (Note: circulating deflation rate = the total number of 394.06 million HT burnt in the current period * (15% / 20%) / 2199.337 million HT in circulation in the previous period).

Total in circulation: 276.889 million HT

Total in circulation: 216.982 million HT

Number of HT users has increased by 3.47% in September.

2、HT Events Calendar

As of October 14, Huobi Global has launched 6 types of coin mining campaign, 6 types of DeFi liquidity mining campaign. 63 million worth of HT has participated in the campaigns and Huobi has distributed over 6.65 million worth of USDT reward to participants.

DeFi liquidity mining provides a balanced two-way cold start mechanism, and HT has become a premium medium for CeFi users to access DeFi assets.

(ii) Huobi Global has issued TRC20-HT cross-chain assets (non-incremental issuance, this part of TRC20-HT will anchor equal amount of ERC20 assets) at TRON network. The cumulative volume of TRC20-HT generated in September and October is 20 million. After TRC20-HT being generated, the total volume of HT will remain unchanged.

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(3) Huobi embraces open ecology as its core strategy, including empowering decentralized price offer and promoting feeding price interests; Huobi has issued H-series assets (HBTC, HBCH, HDOT, HLTC, HBSV, HEOS) to actively connect users and assets, and promoting the arrival of DeFi 2.0 era.

Huobi’s global website has opened HT full position leveraged trading on September 29th. At present, HT Full Position Leverage supports the following 8 secured assets, 8 lendable assets and 15 full position trading pairs. In addition, the HT/USDT incremental leverage multiplier has increased from 3X to 5X; the maximum borrowing amount of HT/USDT incremental leverage has increased to 40,000 HT or 200,000 USDT; the HT margined deposits requires no previous limitation of 50,000 HT.

Business Development of Huobi

In September, 30 new assets such as UNI were launched on Huobi Global Station, of which 18 assets were launched at Huobi Inno Hub, and 11 assets were opened for incremental leveraged trading. Huobi Global has listed asset classes in DeFi, Boca ecology, storage sector and tracks. We put effort in providing users with the most comprehensive, one-stop trading services including spot, derivative investment instruments.

Huobi Futures has launched options trading in September, becoming the first platform in the industry to launch USDT margined forward options trading. As the world’s largest one-stop derivatives service platform. Huobi Perpetual Swap has launched 28 popular high-quality DeFi assets, and innovatively launched USDT/USD delivery and perpetual swaps with high leverage multiplier. At present, Huobi Futures has become the only currency-based derivatives trading platform with the largest overall market share and the most complete range of DeFi and other popular assets in the world.

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Huobi Mining DeFi Mining Special Zone went live as of October 10. There have been three types of campaigns it is currently offering. Users can lock up USDT, ETH and BTC to earn reward from liquidity mining;

Huobi Wallet 2.0 has been officially upgraded to comply with the DeFi opportunity, providing users with vast and more convenient access to DeFi investment. Huobi Wallet has upgrade from an asset storage/management tool to a one stop decentralized asset management platform.

On September 27, Huobi Chain and other 7 public chains became the first 8 underlying framework parties to join the BSN Open Alliance Chain. Based on BSN’s domestic public city nodes, the “BSN Open Alliance Chain” will become an “open alliance chain” that can be deployed in the BSN ecosystem and be monitored through the licensing of public chain technology.

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