Huddle Expo 2019 displays nature-friendly, socially impactful products

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: SmartGro, a smart irrigation system that drips water based on the nature of the soil and crops, and smart micro-organism removing bottles made of Nano-fibre membrane were among a slew of nature-friendly products that were on display at the Huddle Expo 2019, which concluded here on Saturday.

The two-day exhibition, part of Huddle Kerala 2019, was held at The Leela Kovalam, Thiruvananthapuram. The event, attended by more than 20 startups, witnessed a display of various products that reflected sustainable goals.

A major highlight at the expo was SmartGro, a smart irrigation system that drips optimum amount of water based on the nature of the soil and crops. The system comprises moisture sensors, controllers, watering kits, and a precise triggering mechanism that irrigates the farm based on the needs of respective crops, which, in turn, helps in preventing the wastage of water.

Lamaara’s smart bottle made of Nano-fibre membrane was another nature-friendly product that drew the attention of visitors. The filter, using Nanotechnology, has a pore size of 0.2 microns, and can remove 99.99% of micro-organisms such as bacteria.

Another startup was a digital arts academy for the hearing impaired The academy aspires to ease the challenges the hearing impaired faces.

The expo also witnessed participation of startups focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT)-based products. One such product was NiX Road Intelligence which uses both the technologies to predict road accidents. It uses accident prediction models developed by various roadways to estimate the expected accident frequencies and identify geometric, environmental and operational factors that are associated with the occurrence of such accidents.

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Smart switching modules, developed by IoT startup HASHh Automations, added variety to this year’s expo. Equipped with sensors and energy monitors, the module is remotely controllable.

(Disclaimer: The writer’s trip to Huddle Kerala 2019, was sponsored by KSUM.)



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