Hubbard County to auction off storm-damaged trees – Park Rapids Enterprise

Hubbard County Natural Resources Department staff completed appraisals of some storm-damaged timber.

The Memorial Day storm that whipped through the area caused an estimated 1,200 to 1,500 acres in damage to timber stands, according to County Land Commissioner Mark “Chip” Lohmeier.

Staff completed 10 timber appraisals of about 520 acres and 7,624 cords.

“This is predominantly a salvage operation,” Lohmeier said at the Tuesday, June 21 Hubbard County Board meeting. “Many of the tracks of timber on this auction are east of Itasca State Park, south of Beauty Lake, one of the areas that got hit real hard.”

The estimated value of the timber is $102,390.

“We never really know where to start the appraised value on these things because we don’t know how much is really salvageable. This one is a particularly difficult situation, in that it was more of a tornadic activity. You’ve trees in every-which direction, snapped off, tipped over,” Lohmeier said.

When there has been a straight-line wind, Lohmeier said it’s a bit easier for loggers to get into the tract.

“These are all kinda tangled up,” he said, “so we started our appraised prices at about a quarter of what we normally get.”

The county’s next timber auction is set for Tuesday, July 11.

Lohmeier noted there are still storm-damaged tracts needing appraisals. He anticipates another auction in August.

A property owner on County 89 also contacted Lohmeier about several hundred acres of storm damage. “Private groups are trying to clean up their land as well,” he said.

In related business, the board approved Dennis Diedrich’s request to transfer a recreational cabin lease in Lake George Township to Mike Mead. Lohmeier said the non-residential building and patio exceed the current 100 square foot size limitation, but have been in place since prior to the placement of size limitations.


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