HSBC issues urgent warning as Britons ‘tricked in a click’ – what to look out for

HSBC has sent an email to its customers warning of a spate of scams through a number of mediums, looking to attack Britons. The email reads: “Life moves at a fast pace. Many of us are doing multiple things at once. “This may include using tools intended to make tasks more convenient, like online shopping and banking.

If it feels too good to be true, then it probably is, and trusting a gut instinct can also be helpful.

If a person is in doubt, they are always encouraged to check with a family member or friend before acting. 

Aside from correspondence received out of the blue, there are other ways fraudsters are attempting to attack Britons.

Particularly of interest are online purchases, made by millions of Britons on a regular basis.

Those with online banking can also contact an HSBC representative via the bank’s “Chat” function at the top right of the webpage.

In the worst circumstances, someone may have fallen prey to a sophisticated scam, but individuals should not panic.

Instead, they should reach out to their bank at the soonest possible availability to see if a transaction can be halted.

In addition, Britons are encouraged to report the matter to Action Fraud, the national cybercrime reporting service, who can escalate the issue further.

This helps experts to understand the landscape when it comes to scams and work to ensure no-one is targeted. 


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