How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Business

How to Use Instagram to Drive Traffic to Your Business

Carefree times when Instagram was a cameral platform where you could share photos with your friends are long gone. Today it is a necessary tool for maintaining a successful business. Instagram has a continuously increasing base of one billion active accounts, where an average user spends about an hour a day scrolling the feed, reading posts, and watching videos.

About 200 million users actively visit business accounts daily, and 80% of Instagrammers make their decisions on buying something with the help of a named social media platform. Sensing this, many B2B and B2C brands have already done everything to capture their target audience, increase, and drive traffic from Instagram to their websites.


It may be overwhelming to create a marketing strategy based on a particular social media platform, especially if you start from the bottom. Even if you already have a business account, you want to make sure you have the most primary things done right.

Before digging into improving an Instagram account, ensure that your website does not have any technical issues. It is the destination where you want your customers to arrive. Consider getting help from managed IT services to guarantee the gained traffic will not be a waste.

Also, since Instagram is an app on which aesthetics play a significant role, you may want to use some additional apps like Instasize for editing product’s photos, or Minitool for creating videos of production processes or whatever you have in mind.

Add a Link in Bio

Since you want to bring more traffic to your website, you have to add a link in your business account’s bio, as this is the only place Instagram allows you to add a clickable link on its platform. Remember – the number of followers you have does not matter at this point.

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Also, ensure you have links to your Instagram on your website and other platforms (if you use any).

Scrupulous Choice of Hashtags

Hashtags have been proved to be ideal tools for identifying topics on social media. Think of them as keywords that are crucial in SEO promotion, highlighting your content in the ocean of information and guiding curious visitors to your website.

Think of words your customers may use for finding your brand or even products you offer in your niche. Then you can type them in Instagram’s searching bar to see the results and determine the most suitable for you. Besides, you may want to choose hashtags manually with a low level of competition because they represent the targeted audience that wants to see the content you create.

But it does not mean you should avoid your competitors. In fact, following the authorities in your line of business will bring you insights about what your prospective customers might like or expect from you. Observing your competitors’ frequency and density of using Instagram hashtags can help find an optimal formula for your business.

Create a unique hashtag. You can use a slogan, as Nike did, or start a challenge with a call to action with a phrase, like in Apple’s case. It gives your brand’s name a chance to become widespread and recognizable.

Do not add more than 30 hashtags to one post – overloaded descriptions do not seem friendly to read. Use trending hashtags only if they are appropriate to your post. Do not use forbidden hashtags to avoid getting shadowbanned. You may also not want to include overused hashtags like “love” or “art,” so you would not get lost in billions of posts.

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Get the Most of Instagram Stories

Despite the temporary nature of Instagram Stories, they are an excellent method of attracting more traffic. Stories allow you to use the whole range of your creativity, imagination, and taste to show your prospective customers the face and soul of your brand. Also, it allows you to see the statistics such as views, shares, and other interactions with your Story, helping in establishing communication with your followers.

The first and a huge plus is the swipe function. Once you achieve 10 000 followers, you will get an opportunity to attach links to your stories. As a result, you can use it to bring people to your landing page or a particular product or blog post.

In case you do not have this number of followers, you can still place clickable links in the Instagram bio. You can now share information about the changes by adding a creative image in your stories and asking people to “click the link in bio.” Since it requires a few clicks more from a user, so it is your responsibility to make a story look convincing.

Do not hesitate to group your stories into Highlights.

First of all, it is a great way to save the links you used in stories to allow clients to navigate your website without even leaving your Instagram account. You can create “folders” of stories with stored links to products or advice and educational blog posts.

Second of all, consider making highlights with other customers’ opinions, reviews, and mentions in mass media. It will help earn trust in front of your audience.

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It may seem like a lot of effort for just a social media account, and indeed it is. But looking at the statistics, it becomes impossible to argue that using Instagram to drive traffic to your brand’s website isn’t an essential thing.

The tips mentioned above, in fact, will open the door of social media marketing for your business. However, to do so, they should be implemented at the very beginning. All this will give you a chance to discover other opportunities such as Instagram’s shopping function, sponsored posts, or influencer marketing strategies.

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