How to Mask Your Presence When Doing Online Betting

How to Mask Your Presence When Doing Online Betting

When doing gambling or betting online, the need to conceal your presence often arises. It is entirely understandable that there are countries in which specific resource sites and activities such as betting are restricted. Some of these betting and gambling companies prohibit people from certain countries from signing up by tracking their IP addresses. There exist many ways in which you can mask your online presence. advocates explicitly for the use of cryptocurrency bookmakers to do anonymous crypto betting. This method conceals the identity of the gambler and makes the betting experience discrete. In addition to anonymous crypto betting, one could also employ additional ways by adopting an unknown internet surfing strategy. 

It is always sad to realize a betting platform with attractive offers than realize that you cannot use the forum. More often than not, your IP address is easy to trace, and the first thing to do is mask it. It is only then that you can access such platforms and enjoy the betting or gambling experience. One of the best ways of hiding your IP address is to use a VPN for all your online visits. A reliable VPN hides your IP address whenever you are browsing and provides some form of security from being tracked. Several VPN offers this service at a cost that varies according to the level of protection guaranteed. 

First, you need to select a reliable VPN provider. You can quickly achieve this by conducting active research. Reviews by VPN users on the internet may be biased, but they provide an excellent start point. Check out the ability of the VPN provider to offer a constant and never shaky anonymous identity whenever you are online. Reliable providers include Express VPN and CyberGhost. Next, you should pick a server from which you will establish a connection. The exciting thing about VPN is connecting to any server available in the world, unlimited by your geographical location. Once you select the country of a server in a particular country, your site is automatically masked to this country. All data from activities you engage in are only traceable to this location. Some VPNs require payment of a subscription fee, after which the VPN grants anonymity. The subscription allows you to sign in and browse anonymously, including access to betting and gambling otherwise restricted. 

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Similarly, at no charge at all, you can secure an anonymous connection to the internet using Tor. Tor employs a different strategy approach from VPN. This service routes traffic through several servers located in other parts of the world such that the final output becomes extremely difficult to trace back to the original user. For a better experience, you could install a Tor browser which works much in the same way. The only setback to Tor is that as the traffic is passed through different servers, it loses its initial speed, and your internet connection may lag. Proxy is yet another favorable option. It works by redirecting the request to connect to a country whose IP is not blocked from accessing certain websites. If a bid is made from Canada, assuming Canada is blocked from accessing a particular website, the request is received by the servers and concocted to appear as if it comes from a country whose IP to that website is not blocked. Through any of these means, betting and gambling experiences can become entirely anonymous. 


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