How to Make Your Train Commute Cheaper

How to Make Your Train Commute Cheaper

Whilst London is the capital of commerce in the UK, it’s not always the friendliest for house prices, which is why every day millions of us make the daily commute into the city. If this sounds like you, and you’re travelling from Stevenage, Hemel, Luton or any other commuter-belt location, you could be spending thousands on travel, whether that’s through Congestion Charges and fuel costs or on public transportation. Despite train travel being one of the friendliest ways to cut carbon emissions en masse only 9% of the population are currently commuting by this option – and the main reason tends to be the cost, but there are some simple hacks to help you save on your train fare to the city, and beyond.

Get a Season Ticket Loan

Whilst paying for a season ticket up-front can cost thousands of pounds – money the average commuter doesn’t have, you can ask your employer if they offer an interest-free season ticket loan. This is where they purchase the season ticket for you, and then recoup the money through pay deductions over the next 12 months.

Get Organised

With this in mind, if you purchase your season ticket before the annual price hike you can travel for the next year at this year’s price. When should you buy? Get your ticket before the 2nd January to benefit from the saving. If you’re asking your employer for a season ticket loan, remember to do so in December – getting organised can pay dividends.

Ask for Flexible Working

If your job permits, ask your employee if you can work flexible hours. Travelling outside of commuter times means you’ll benefit from Off-Peak train prices, which over time could offer you a considerable saving on your commute – you’ll also enjoy quieter carriages too!

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Try Split-Ticketing

Splitting your train ticket means instead of buying one for your whole journey, you purchase two tickets for two parts; but stay on the same train. Whilst not all journeys will end up being cheaper, it’s definitely worth figuring out if yours is.

Apply for Automatic Tfl Refunds

You only need to be delayed by 15 minutes to be entitled to a refund from TfL. But during busy commuter times, you might not even notice you’ve encountered a delay. By setting up automatic TfL refunds you’ll get your money back without having to do anything. Make sure all your Oysters and contactless cards are registered on your online account to benefit. Then log in through Reeclaim to start reaping the benefits.


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