How to Make Your Door Curtains Functional?

How to Make Your Door Curtains Functional?

Door curtains are functional in many ways, they help you to keep out the draughts during winter & block the sunlight from coming in during summer, and save the furniture from color fading. They also help to design your place and add an element of elegance as well. If you have a glass door or French door the door curtains help you to prevent people from peeing into your house. They also block the dirt mists, insects, and moisture from coming in.

If your place is near a busy road, door curtains can also help you to block noise, soundproof curtains are also available in the market which has a tendency to block up to 99% of the noise/sounds. Some door curtains act as safety curtains as well, they have a warning system installed in them which alerts you when someone tries to break/enter into place.

Other than these, door curtains also serve to block off certain areas of the room, for example, they help to separate the wardrobe area from your bedroom, dining room from the drawing room, & your bed from the rest of the bedroom. If you have a small bedroom and want to have complete privacy for the bed then these curtains are best to divide your room and hide the bed part well. The heavy door curtains also serve as door.

The door curtains can make either a contrast with the rest of the interior or blend well with it. These curtains are heavier, lined, and provide blockage against winds, heat, and light. If you want to make a contrast then you should go for the plain fabric material in bold and vibrant colors: you can also use the voile curtains which are lighter in weight and have an advantage that they see what is happening outside but block the view for outsiders.

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Length guide for Door curtains’ Fabrics

The doors vary in length and therefore the curtains vary as well, each door style needs different length for curtains. Some people like to cover the whole door while others like to cover only the glass part to protect privacy. But only covering the glassing part is not a good idea because it will let the dust mist come in and will make your curtain dirty as well. The only advantage that they have is that they do not need any rod or track to hang them, they can be hung from the door and are meant to stay at the door only and do not block the path of the person who is coming in.

It is best to hang the heavy, matching, and longer curtains in front of your door to create a sophisticated and elegant look, but you need to use the tiebacks as well in order to prevent the curtains blocking the path or they can prove an obstacle while getting in and out.

Installing Tips for Door Curtains

If you have enough space to put on a rail and track, just go for it and install the curtains yourself because it is easy to put on the curtains on rails and rods. But if you have sliding glass doors and want to add curtains in order to block the sunlight and protection, then we recommend you call some professional. Here we are listing down a few ideas to make your door curtains look beautifully installed.

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Add the curtains rod along the entire wall which contains the door and window and mount the curtains on it so that you can pull the curtains wide at night and get a perfect blackout. It may seem a bit messy to some people, as you have to open and close the curtain every time you pass from your door. If you’re having low budget then you can also purchase door curtains at online store.

Another idea is to mount a matching French door curtain that has a single panel only. You can add a tieback along with the curtain to tie the curtain to let the light in during the day, or just pull it wide during the night to provide you with some privacy. So you can choose any cheap but beautiful curtain to hang at the door that allows the light to pass through and provide you with the privacy you want.


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