How to make a pinhole projector in time for the 'Ring of Fire' solar eclipse – Quick tips


1. Grab your first sheet of paper or white cardboard and fold it in half so that you can cut a square hole right in the centre, along the fold.

2. Cut out a small piece of tin foil that is just slightly bigger than the hole you cut in the paper.

3. Using the sticky tape, attach the foil over the square hole.

4. Once the foil is secured to your paper, take your pin or paper clip and punch a small hole through the tin foil. This is the aperture or pinhole that will project the Sun’s image.

5. Place your second bit of paper on the ground and take a step back, with your pinhole projector in hand.

6. Aim the projector at the second sheet, with the bit of tinfoil facing upwards. You should see a bright spot appear on the ground – a projected image of the Sun!


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