How to live longer: Why a bowl of cereal every day could prolong your life

Not all cereals are healthy though, so don’t go purchasing sugary, fatty, calorific packs and expect to live longer and be healthy.

Dr Lee said the only cereals you should be eating on a regular basis are porridge oats, wholewheat cereals and whole-grain cereals.

Whole wheat cereals includes Weetabix, Shredded Wheat, Bran flakes, Oat flakes, Puffed You can eat any kind of whole-grain cereals and muesli, as long as they have no added sugar.

Keep an eye on your portion size too, eating no more than 30 to 45g per portion if it’s a breakfast cereal or 50g of porridge oats per portion.

Dr Lee added: “To make your breakfast cereal extra healthy, make it with semi-skimmed on skimmed milk, or go for plant milk such as oat, almond or soya milk.

“Top it with some chopped, fresh fruit to get extra vitamin C.

“Always read the labels on cereal boxes as cereals are notorious for hidden sugars.

“A green label means the cereal contains less than 1 percent sugar.”


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