How to live longer: The four habits you need to change to help boost your longevity

Sedentary lifestyle

Dr Okorocha said: “People should stop thinking about exercise as only a means to weight loss and instead see it as one of the most effective health tools available for a happy, healthy and longer life.

“Being sedentary can lead to some serious physical health risks such as a slower metabolism, muscle weakness, obesity and raised cholesterol levels.

“By keeping your muscles active your body will pump more blood around your body, and thus oxygen and nutrients that your body needs to stay healthy.”

Dr Okorocha also warns of the dangers of being isolated at home which most of us have had to deal with.

This can negatively affect one’s health by not having enough energy and can hamper with one’s brain health.

“Building regular exercise into your routine can pay dividends when it comes to your mood as well as your energy and fitness levels,” advised Dr Okorocha.

“Studies have shown that aerobic exercise in particular, can be particularly beneficial at extending your lifespan, especially if done outdoors, so it’s well worth lacing up your trainers and heading outside.”

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