How to buy Premium Bonds from NS&I – there is a limit to each investment

NS&I stands for National Savings and Investments, and it’s the government-backed savings provider which is also the home of Premium Bonds. Premium Bonds currently have an annual prize fund rate of one percent.

There’s no guarantee of returns though, so NS&I states it may not suit those looking for just that.

Furthermore, people hoping for a regular income or who are concerned about inflation are warned it may not be a right option for them.

There is a minimum holding, and this is £25.

Per person, the maximum amount a person can hold in Premium Bonds is £50,000.

For those who decide Premium Bonds are right for them, some may want to know how to buy them.

How to buy Premium Bonds

There are various way to purchase Premium Bonds, but there is a limit to note.

It’s important to note each investment must be at least £25.


It’s also possible to print and complete the application form and send it via post.

When sending it to NS&I, customers must include a cheque payable to NS&I.

Bank transfer or standing order

If a customer or a child who a person is buying Premium Bonds for already have some, they can be bought via bank transfer (including standard order).

Those who are buying Premium Bonds for a child under the age of 16 are able to do so however the rules can differ, depending on whether the buyer is the child’s parent or guardian or not.


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