How to Become a Dota 2 Pro Player Yourself?

How to Become a Dota 2 Pro Player Yourself?

Becoming a Dota 2 pro player is a viable career path today. As esports has grown beyond anyone’s wildest imagination, the options to be a competitive player and not only make a living but live very comfortably off the entire thing have proliferated.

You no longer have to worry if gaming will secure your future. It would, but you would need to make sure you get to the top. That is where the gamble lies. Many players do try and they make a career, but others don’t quite make the cut. That’s okay, because esports is a huge industry now, and people will get a chance to join many positions that are different than a pro player.

For example, if you are a good Dota 2 player, you may become a professional tipster at places such as or help the website adjust their Dota 2 betting lines. Many people do try to become pros and if they do not succeed, they just go for some of the other worthwhile choices instead.

1. Start Small, Aim High

While the dream of becoming a professional Dota 2 player may quickly prove a little elusive, the important part is to start small. Focus on the game you love and figure out what position you are best in.

Once you do, make sure you are a well-rounded player, but continue to train in your chosen position. If you enjoy supporting, then you should do your absolute best to support in every pub game possible.

Remember, it’s not about winning, but rather it’s about making sure that you personally play well enough to offer some alternative to what is happening in the game. Make sure that you only criticize your own game and not that of others.

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2. Find a Team and Start Playing

Once you have picked up the ropes and have the habits to make a decent player, it’s time to you yourself explore all the opportunities out there. One of these opportunities is finding a team to join and start playing a little more professionally.

You won’t immediately get to play against the best players out there, but the truth is that there many Open Qualifiers, which means that you can be getting at least 20 to 50 qualifying events to try each year.

That is a lot.

3. Do Not Lose Your Focus

The game is about having fun, but if you want to really make it to the top you have to be playing at your 101%. You cannot afford to be losing your focus even if you are stomping your opponents. Stay sharp and make every moment you spend in-game count.

Once you are at the top, you may afford yourself to be a little breezier when it comes to your gaming sessions, but definitely not before that. Is it going to be easy getting there? We definitely don’t think it’s easy, but there is a good chance it might be.


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