How the internet is democratising the expansion of small caps –


The pandemic has pushed more and more of us online, but who is making the best use of this new technology? Citywire AA-rated Rayna Lesser Hannaway of Polen Capital believes small caps are at the forefront of this change.

In this latest episode of Future Thinking, Hannaway outlines how the internet has democratised previously uneven parts of the playing field, with smaller firms now able to contend with companies that have existed for hundreds of years.

‘Today, leveraging the internet, small companies, again, are on a much more even playing field,’ she said.

‘If they really are able to harness talent around things like social media, and also around making a solid connection with their customers… small brands [could] get as much of a following as brands that have been around for 100 years.’

Hannaway, who runs three small-cap funds, looked at the digitalisation of different industries and how the pandemic has created leaner, more efficient companies than ever before.


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