How the government has failed our most vulnerable | Letter

While I welcome the belated decision to finally attach some priority to people with learning difficulties in the face of the overwhelming evidence of their increased risk and vulnerability (Frontline workers and BAME groups will not be prioritised for UK vaccines, 24 February), I can’t avoid the strong sense of cynicism that this has been achieved through the spotlight of celebrities.

While I fully identify with and commend Jo Whiley and indeed Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett for bringing this to public view, I have been struggling for many months to raise this issue on behalf of my own daughter with learning difficulties, and met with bland indifference or worse from key medical personnel involved in her care – and she is on a ventilator for night-time breathing.

It is a measure of our true worth as humans that we value and care for the most vulnerable in our community and the least empowered to speak for themselves. Here is yet another tragedy in the sorry story of this government’s mismanagement of the pandemic. How many more are yet to be revealed?
Glyn Morgan


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