How SMS Marketing Can Help Business Owners

How SMS Marketing Can Help Business Owners

SMS marketing is a hidden gem that most business owners often neglect because they think it isn’t a good fit for today’s digital marketing strategies. However, did you know that SMS marketing can be vital in reaching your target audience and increasing your brand awareness? The reason behind it is that many people use SMS daily.

SMS marketing is one of the simplest ways of business communication. It can’t only be used to engage with existing customers, but also it can be helpful in exploring new audiences. That’s why you should take advantage of SMS marketing’s power and make it part of your marketing strategy.

If you don’t know which solutions to use for your SMS marketing, you can check Call Cowboy to get options. Below are some of the ways SMS marketing can help you as a business owner:

  • Allows You To Send Personalized Content

In the world of business, if you personalize your customer’s experience, you also increase your chances of getting sales or boost your revenues. In fact, some people made impulse buys because they get personalized recommendations.

Personalized experiences also encourage consumers to come back for more and some would likely make another purchase. With SMS marketing, it can be done easily since it’ll let you send personalized content. Since SMS is simple to create and send, it isn’t a challenging job to make personalized content.

Depending on your campaigns, you can personalize your content based on your customer’s data, which include demographics, past purchases or locations. Often, you can get such information from using an auto dialer.

  • Provides You Good Return On Investment (ROI)

One of the best things about SMS is that it’s cost-effective and typically inexpensive in comparison to other traditional advertising methods such as newspaper ads, commercials, and billboards.

The competitive pricing of SMS marketing makes it a great option for all business owners with limited marketing budgets. So, if you want to enjoy savings with your marketing, you can never go wrong with considering SMS marketing.

The high open rate and instant communication with SMS can also help you boost your business sales more effectively.

  • Helps Strengthen Your Company’s Customer Engagement

SMS marketing doesn’t only provide you an option to engage with your existing and potential customers more often. But also, it can give your customers a way to reach and engage with you. With this in mind, it allows them to feel that your business is accessible and become part of their lives, which helps boost your customer engagement rate.

Customer engagement is basically the emotional connection between a brand and a customer. It’s essential because highly engaged customers tend to purchase more, show more loyalty, and promote more. By using mobile marketing, you’ll be able to provide quality customer experience, which is crucial to achieve a high customer engagement rate.

  • Reach A Wider Demographic

Since most people have their own mobile devices, your customer demographic may widen with SMS marketing. Rather than focusing on a certain marketing strategy that could only reach a section of your demographic, SMS marketing can reach everybody.

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As long as consumers have mobile devices that can receive SMS and enjoy the messages you’re sending them, you can be assured that you’ll reach more potential customers in no time.  

  • Improves Your Communication With Your Customers

The key to build a long-term relationship is effective communication, which you can achieve with SMS marketing. By sending text messages to your audience, you can improve your communication with them.

With SMS marketing, it’s also much easier to send a thank you message, inform your customers about the upcoming sale and new products. Overall, SMS marketing is a reliable, fast, and easy way to communicate with your customers.

  • Generates Word Of Mouth

SMS marketing isn’t only best for engaging with customers, but also generates word of mouth. If you have special discounts or offers for your customers, they can spread the word to their friends and family. So, once you use SMS for your promotions, it can be a powerful marketing tool that can give you results without the need to spend more on other campaigns.

  • Ensures Fast Delivery

In terms of SMS marketing, you won’t need to deal with any waiting time. Once you hit the send button, you can guarantee that your customers will get your message right away.

What makes SMS marketing a good marketing tool for business owners is that it requires little prep time. You don’t have to gather any materials or designs to complete. What you only need is to create a message and send it to your list. Also, since SMS is more likely opened compared to emails, you can be sure that your customers will read your important news as soon as possible.

  • Complements Your Marketing Strategy

SMS marketing isn’t only good for ads, but it can also work with other kinds of marketing. If you’re into social media marketing, you can use it to get more potential customers interested in your business. You can even implement SMS when offering discounts for those who will follow your social media accounts.

  • Enables You To Enjoy More Savings

SMS marketing won’t cost you much. Even if you send bulk text messages, the cost is affordable compared to some marketing options that would drive your budget through the roof. Since it’s more cost-effective, it’s no doubt a great choice for all business owners out there who have limited budget for marketing.

Regardless if you run a small business owner or a startup, SMS marketing is an effective and best way to advertise your business. At small cost, it can help you stay ahead of the competition, regardless of your niche. Just make sure to use the right SMS marketing strategies to get results.

  • Flexibility

SMS marketing is flexible in a lot of ways. You may inform your customer base or reach a certain group of customers for an update or to promote. You won’t need to deal with boundaries when it comes to SMS marketing. Since it’s free and doesn’t need an internet connection, you can reach your target audience everywhere. Aside from that, you can integrate SMS with some of your marketing activities in a seamless manner.

  • Targets The Right Audience
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If you’re a savvy business owner, it’s crucial that your marketing messages are as targeted as possible. It keeps your communication’s costs down. Moreover, since SMS marketing is permission-based, you’ll likely reach out to people that you already have a relationship with and agreed to receive SMS from you.

With that in mind, it’ll be much easier for you to resell your existing customers than to new customers, which can result in greater returns.

  • Helps You Build Loyal Customers

SMS marketing can be helpful in gaining and retaining loyal customers. You can send your customers with helpful details about your business and latest promotions. It makes your customers appreciate your business as you focus on providing great experience to them. The more you provide your customers with incomparable offerings, the more loyal customers you’ll get.

  • Saves Your Time

Everyone knows that time is gold and with SMS marketing, you can save a lot of time, enabling you to focus on some aspects of your business. The process is easy and simple with SMS marketing. All you need to do is to get a text message scheduling platform to organize your messages and send them on the right time.

How To Get Started With SMS Marketing

If you want to make the most out of SMS marketing, you should know the best ways to get started, which include the following:

  1. Determine What You Want To Achieve

Like other marketing strategies, you have to begin with an end goal in mind. Your objectives for your SMS marketing strategy should be clear before you start and you have to ensure they’re aligned with your overall marketing and business goals.

  1. Consider Segmenting Your Audience

Blasting your audience list with the same marketing content and hoping that it connects with your target group of customers is like looking for a needle in a haystack. The best companies in this field recommend that you narrow it by considering audience segmentation. For example, you can integrate your CRM with the current marketing platform you’re using to achieve a precise match between your audience and marketing messages.

  1. Don’t Forget To Include A Call-To-Action (CTA)

If you’ve done your best to define your marketing goals and segment your market, ensure to include a CTA as part of your SMS. Keep in mind that your message will just be useless if you won’t give your customers the reason to take action. With a clear and effective CTA, you’ll be able to generate leads and gain more potential customers in the long run.

  1. Provide Clear Value

Even if SMS is a permission-based marketing message, it’s still an interruption to some of your customers. So, if you want to get the best results from your SMS marketing, infuse your message with clear and irresistible value for all your customers to increase the chances of having your message acted upon.

SMS marketing may seem complicated before you try it. However, with the available streamlined services and high open rates of SMS, it can be a good option for business owners who are willing to embrace the challenge.

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SMS Marketing Strategies To Boost Your Business

If you want to leverage the power of SMS marketing to boost your business, keep the following strategies in mind:

  • Proper Timing Is Essential

To get the highest possible level of engagement, you’ll have to thoroughly research your target demographic. Their daily habits are crucial to know and the time zones every customer lives in.

The reason behind it is that texting consumers too late in the evening may cause you to miss out any potential engagement as most people in high age brackets don’t use their phones at night and sleep early. It’s also the case when you text your customers too early in the morning, which is when most people hurry to go to work.

Take note that when you create a sense of urgency, your SMS marketing strategies will gain better results. For instance, if your sale will end on Sunday, it’s a good idea to send your marketing message on Friday between 8 in the morning and 8 in the evening to avoid disrupting your customers from their daily activities.

  • Give Importance To Personalization

Personalizing your text messages for your customers can go a long way to increase your engagement level. One of simplest ways to do it is by addressing your customers by name. Once you do this, your audience will feel like your SMS is a friendly update instead of a sales tactic.

Some personalization methods to include are reminding them of the discounts or vouchers related to their previous purchases, product recommendations based on their recent search, and referring to products they’ve left in their shopping cart. Just make sure to tailor every message exactly to the individual you’re sending it to get the best possible results.

  • Be Creative

An SMS that’s meant to drive sales can come off as spammy and impersonal, which could hurt your relationship with your audience.  To avoid this, try to be creative and combine some methods like focusing your CA around visiting your social media profiles instead of a sales page on your official website. As long as the information is relevant to your services and products, it’ll help increase your sales over time.

This is effective when you’re running some kind of promotion like content and social media is the best place to engage with your audience through such campaigns.

Including links of your social pages in your SMS is also beneficial. It may help increase your number of followers, which may also lead to generating more sales via SMS marketing. Just don’t forget to keep your message sweet and short for you to convince your existing and potential customers to visit or follow your social media profiles.

Bottom Line

SMS marketing provides you a competitive edge as a business owner. Once you implement the best SMS marketing strategies effectively, you can guarantee that it’ll play a crucial role to your growing business. Just remember that it’ll function better when it’s part of the overall marketing armory of your business.


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