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Previously, the role of a cryptocurrency exchange was very straight-forward; provide a platform and facilitate the buying and selling of cryptocurrency. It seemed simple enough and for a long time, this method worked for most of the community. However, innovation has since caught up, and to be successful, an exchange has to have a community element. 

Besides traditional trading services, strong exchanges should provide innovative products such as margin trading, as well as community-focused tools like debit cards and native tokens. Newer exchanges have taken note of this and are launching with more advanced products that help satisfy consumer demands.  

Introducing DEXFIN

One new exchange is DEXFIN, which will formally launch its full version on November 25. DEXFIN does not function merely as a platform for token trading. DEXFIN acts as a one-stop solution for digital assets: buy/store/trade/manage your assets, profit from staking, save on fees, take advantage of tokenization, and more. The platform also allows you to manage your digital assets easily and efficiently, even on the go.

It is also worth noting that while DEXFIN is a European company, they are aiming for a global experience for their customers. DEXFIN’s business model is based around circular tokenomics, bridging the gap between cryptocurrencies, company capitalization processes, and individuals. This is possible through a transparent, secure, and token-based circular economy using blockchain technology.

While several popular exchanges have created offshoots of their main platforms to serve different regions, DEXFIN appears to be doing all this from a single platform. 

Why Is The Industry Changing?

First, it should be noted that more people than ever hold cryptocurrency wallets and actively use cryptocurrencies in their everyday lives. In fact, there are now over 30 million wallets holding some amount of Bitcoin. 

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More trading activity means that more options will be needed for both depositing and withdrawing funds. Due to common issues that cryptocurrency firms often face when conducting business globally, more exchanges began creating their own debit cards to encourage seamless use. Over time, this was expected in the industry rather than a special feature used to market an exchange. 

With this maturity and mainstream attention came institutional funds that brought traditional financial services experience and legitimacy. Naturally, this class of investors would not be satisfied with simply trading tokens, and to accommodate them, exchanges began to evolve. Margin trading, crypto lending, and extensive trading pairs also grew in popularity, and exchanges were forced to adapt to survive. 

When these exchanges wish to raise funds, they often do so by selling a native token that acts as the trading mechanism on the exchange. The increasing impact of strong communities with crypto exchange implies consumers also seek speculative value in the exchange tokens they use and trade. They become token holders, users, and spokespeople for the exchanges and tokens they are affiliated with. 

DEXFIN And Virtual Reality

After the launch of DEXFIN’s exchange, DEXFIN will exclusively list the VICTORIA VR Token project. This virtual reality project is aiming for global reach and is based on Unreal Engine and Oculus technology. Their goal is to connect people through a whole new medium. 

This listing will provide an opportunity to participate in global companies that are helping facilitate a new virtual world of collectibles. Thanks to the DEXFIN exchange and the sale of the VICTORIA VR token, you have a unique opportunity to participate in global companies and exploit the growth and potential of the virtual world.

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Exchanges Of The Future

Consumers now want communities, accessibility, innovative features, and a sense of belonging. DEXFIN is a good example of an upcoming exchange looking to integrate features that are innovative and in demand. New exchanges must adapt and create systems that value and include their users, are accessible to a changing crypto landscape, and create a better environment for all who use crypto. 

Disclaimer: the writer does not have any relationship or vested interest in DEXFIN. Please consult your financial advisor before investing in or using any cryptocurrencies or cryptocurrency exchanges as both pose risk. This article is for educational purposes and does not constitute financial advice.  


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