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“Dear sir, Lawrence Allen Elder, 47th President of the United States (up to 48th)!”

Well-known as Larry Elder, the self-anointed “Sage from South Central” could soon become a “Prophet on Pennsylvania Avenue.”


“Are you drunk, McIntyre ?!”

I’m taking a lot of motrin on my bust finger, but not at this time. Still, something strange is happening.

There is one scenario: Larry wins the September recall election.

So far, the elder has played this perfectly. He wasn’t jumping in when everyone and his spokesman jumped in. When Larry finally announced that he would run for governor, the Secretary of State tried to disqualify the elder, claiming he had not filed a full tax return. It took the elder’s lawyer about five seconds to overturn it in court, not only making him a formal candidate for governor, but also handing him a national headline for the elder that other candidates could only dream of.

Attempts to keep Larry away from the ballot as a Newsom candidate immediately pushed Larry to a pole position over more traditional candidates such as former San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer and former Republican Governor John Cox. rice field.

Opinion polls at the University of California, Berkeley Government Institute show that the rally is endorsed by 18% of voters who support the scallop. That may not sound like much, but in areas that can be read like a phone book (remember the phone book?), 18% is enough to make him the next governor.

It takes Larry to Step 2 of his way to the White House.

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When Donald Trump pulls Grover Cleveland and decides to seek a discontinuous second phase in 2024, he will need a running companion. The elder’s name fits perfectly on the bumper sticker next to Donald Trump. Having a rally as a running mate will provide a measure of immunity to racist accusations wherever Trump goes. The name of the rally on the ticket will help fill the gap in the GOP minority voters in a way that no other Republican candidate can.

Of course, there are risks to becoming a Donald Trump running mate. Mike Pence rode Air Force One for four years, spending his last days in the office and literally ran his life from a swarm of MAGA crazy who wanted to lynch him. Elder’s risks are real, but so are the rewards. In 2028, the Republican nomination will be the elder’s question.

Finally, the third path to presidential office: Trump will not be implemented in 2024, and elders will seek their own nominations.

As the former governor of California (assuming Democrats come together to take office next year), the elder is still an attractive candidate for the Republican primary and is the right-wing answer to Barack Obama.

How far could Larry Elder go? – Press Enterprise Source link How far could Larry Elder go? – Press Enterprise



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