How Can a Top Ventura DUI Lawyer Help You Build a DUI Defense

How can a Top Ventura DUI Lawyer Help You Build a DUI Defense

If you are arrested for DUI charges in Ventura County, it is subjected to California criminal law. The total number of DUI arrests in California stood at 123,548 in 2017.

When you are stopped at a traffic stop, naturally out of fear of your license getting suspended, you will agree to a Preliminary Alcohol Screening Test. And according to the BAC levels, you may be convicted.

With the fees and fines for DUI charges rising and other penalties becoming more stringent, you will need a strong defense in the court to evade jail time.

Only a good Ventura DUI Lawyer will help you build a DUI defense, which can even lead to dismissal of the case. And this is how they do it.

Analyzing Police Reports

The Ventura DUI lawyer who you hire will first start with the police reports. You will be arrested by the officers at the traffic stop only if you are suspected of being under the influence. You will be asked to submit a breath and blood test after the arrest sometimes.

So, the first step will be obtaining copies of police reports at the right time. The lawyer will thoroughly review the police reports. They will look for inconsistencies between the information in the report and what is on the consent form, test form, and DWI form.

If it is felony drunk driving or DUI with injury, you will be detained and taken to court unless bail is posted. During the hearing, the lawyer can present these inconsistencies in the early stages and build a good defense.

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Examining the Audio and Video

The Ventura DUI lawyer will also examine the videos at the traffic stop from the squad car. They will also examine the audio recordings. If any of the interviews were missing and were not recorded, then your statements may be suppressed.

The DUI lawyers will ensure that they will obtain the tapes rather than just hearing it once to go through it and find details.

Check for Police Error

It is highly possible to have the DUI charges dismissed because of police errors in some cases. The Ventura DUI lawyer will look for answers for questions like,

  • Was there a valid reason for the police to pull you over?
  • Did the officer have a reasonable suspicion to ask you to take up the roadside field sobriety tests?
  • Did they give you the chance to contact an attorney before requesting the test?
  • Was the officer certified and trained to use the PAS (Preliminary Alcohol Screening) device?

The Ventura DUI Lawyer can represent you at the DMV hearing. They can use the hearing to get evidence for the case. The lawyer can also question the police officer, as the arresting officer can be called to appear as a witness.

Strong Negotiating Skills

The Ventura DUI lawyer can use strong negotiating skills to save your driving license during the DMV hearing. The lawyer will collect enough information to use while the case comes up in court.

The Ventura prosecutors can sometimes dismiss the DUI case if they are convinced of the deficiencies in the evidence. And it takes a skilled Ventura DUI lawyer with great negotiating skills to scrutinize the evidence and take advantage when it comes to negotiating with the prosecutor. 

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If you are arrested for DUI, reach out to a local Ventura DUI lawyer immediately to start with building a strong defense to win your case.


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