How 12 cars were able to beat the Rally1s in Portugal – DirtFish – DirtFish

Drivers had been complaining about lack of traction in the soft, sandy gravel up in the hills all day. But this? This was another level. Every setting was turned down as low as it would go.

“I didn’t use the hybrid on this one because, pfff, there was enough power, for sure too much, so I also reduced the [engine map] power just to make sure to try to get traction.”

It might not be how McErlean envisioned getting his first ever WRC stage win. Some might say it shouldn’t even really count – he lucked out with road order on a stage that removed most of the performance advantage of a Rally1 car over its less powerful subordinate.

But the history books – or should we say the eWRC archives – don’t lie. On a Saturday night in Porto, the WRC’s fastest drivers suddenly had to take a back seat to its supporting act.

However it comes, a win is a win.

Nothing to see here? Perhaos it’s time to stop giving superspecials such a hard time.


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