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How to delete a Houseparty contact:

Houseparty automatically recognises contacts and friends who have already signed up to the viral video app.

This allows Houseparty users to dive into chats almost instantly.

Some users may struggle to find their friends via the contact book, Facebook and Snapchat integrations.

If this is the case, you can also search for friends’ usernames and add them that way.


Similarly, it is simple to remove individual contacts via the Houseparty Settings function.

Tapping the smiley icon on the screen’s top-left opens your friends list.

If notifications are activated, you will see a box with a number in it instead of a smiley.

Selecting the gear icon on the screen’s top-left side will open the Settings menu.

Tapping the Privacy button listed next to a lock icon opens your privacy options.

Type into the To field, to access Houseparty’s support mailbox.

Houseparty users can send an email request here to delete your account.

Type Request to Delete Account in the Subject field.

This will help quickly send a request straight to the Houseparty support team.

Finally, a request to immediately delete account should be made – make sure to include full name, Houseparty username, email address, and phone number in your message.


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