Hotel offers ‘rain guarantee’ with full refunds if there is bad weather during your stay

A HOTEL has announced that it will refund guests if it rains during their stay.

No matter how much planning you do, there’s no way to guarantee you will get good weather on your trip away.

If it rains on your trip to New York, you could get a refund at the Renwick Hotel


If it rains on your trip to New York, you could get a refund at the Renwick HotelCredit: Reuters

One holiday hotspot in particular where that is definitely true is New York City, which gets between 40 and 50 inches of rain on average per year.

However, visitors to the city can at least get some cash back if it rains, when they stay at one particular hotel.

The Renwick Hotel in Manhattan has teamed up with tech company Sensible Weather to create the “weather guarantee”.

Their website states that: “Weather is synonymous with cancelled plans. How many times have you had a concert, beach day, even vacation cancelled from unexpected bad weather?

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“Up until this point, there’s been nothing we can do about it. But we said, ‘no more’.”

The weather guarantee requires hotel guests to opt in when booking their stay.

Then, if it is forecast to rain for two hours or more between 9am and 7pm on any of the days they’re booked in, their daily hotel rate is refunded to their account.

It doesn’t matter if it rains for just two hours amid an otherwise beautiful day, guests will still get their cash back.

Anyone who has signed up is not allowed to cancel their trip because of the forecast.

The guarantee is only for holidaymakers staying at the hotel during rainy days.

Visitors will be notified with a text message letting them know that bad weather is expected and will be getting their money back for that day.

Nick Cavanaugh, the founder and CEO of Sensible Weather told Travel + Leisure: “Before [a guest’s] bad day actually happens, we want to put money back in their pocket.

“We’re mitigating a bad day. [It] changes [a guest’s] attitude around what they were going to do that day.

“Maybe they continue on and do it with the knowledge that it’s free, or maybe they change their plans and go do something else. Either way, we want to change that moment of pain.”

With rooms at the Renwick available from £143 per night, getting a refund could really help ease the pain of cancelled holiday plans.

And it’s not the only hotel to offer the service either.

AutoCamp sites throughout America have signed up to offer rainy day refunds, while the Yonder Escalante in Utah is also on board.

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The refund will be made even if it only rains for a couple of hours


The refund will be made even if it only rains for a couple of hoursCredit: Getty


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