Homeowners are just realising £3 hack to keep mould away AND save you money on energy bills

HOMEOWNERS are only just realising a £3 hack can keep mould away and save you money on your energy bills.

The simple trick will help to keep you warm this winter as the freezing temperatures set in.

A cheap £3 trick can help you keep mould away and reduce your energy bills


A cheap £3 trick can help you keep mould away and reduce your energy billsCredit: Getty Images – Getty

For those who find themselves constantly feeling a draft in their house, then this cheap trick will not only banish the cold, but also the mould.

Cleaning expert Nancy Emery, from Tap Warehouse, has shared a useful tip to make your life just that little bit easier.

She claims that using an insulation film from Amazon is one of the best investments a homeowner could make.

“Window insulation film is a thin plastic film that is applied directly to any window to effectively reduce heat loss, providing better insulation,” Nancy told The Star.

“The film can either be directly applied to a window using a hairdryer to shrink the film around the glass or can be attached to the window ledge to create a still air layer around half an inch thick using pressure sensitive tape.”

The plastic film can also help to limit or prevent condensation.

As a result, you’ll be able to further reduce the risk of mould and mildew build-up inside your home.

Nancy adds that applying this simple fix will not only keep your house warm, but it will stop heat escaping through tiny draughts.

In a time when the cost of living is at an all-time high, this useful hack means less wasted money on energy bills.

However, the cleaning expert adds that homeowners must make sure to check the size of the film is correct for their windows.

But if you are also avoiding opening your windows to keep the warmth in, then Nancy has suggested using a ventilator.

This can help to get rid of bad smells, too.

“A lot of people will often ventilate their bathroom by opening windows,” Nancy said.

“Whilst this is a quick and efficient method of doing so, heat can be lost incredibly quickly and can often be both difficult and slow to reheat during the winter months.”

Elsewhere, a heating expert has revealed four hacks to save you money this winter while keeping you warm.

We’re all looking to save money on our energy bills and there are some bizarre home hacks you need to try if you want to save cash.

And putting water in your fridge is also a sneaky way of lowering your bills.

According to Georgie Barrat, a technology journalist and TV presenter of The Gadget Show, the key to saving energy is to switch off “vampire” appliances.


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