Holidaying Londoners urged by Mayor Sadiq Khan to avoid ‘amber list’ countries such as Spain


ondoners keen to book a foreign holiday were today urged by Sadiq Khan to not to choose an “amber list” country such as Spain or Greece.

The Mayor said it was important to “respect the science” to minimise the risk of importing a new and potentially vaccine-resistant strain of covid into the UK.

Mr Khan, who said he had yet to decide where to take his own summer holidays, told the Standard that he was “concerned” at the number of holidaymakers heading to Spain since the “traffic lights” system was introduced on May 17.

More than 55,000 people were estimated to have flown from England to Spain in five days last week, according to flight data company Cirium.

There were 1,344 flights to amber list countries between last Wednesday and Sunday, of which 284 went to Spain – treble the number at the start of May.

People returning from amber list countries are required to quarantine at home for up to 10 days and take two covid tests. Spain lags well behind the UK in its vaccination programme, with only 35 per cent of adults having a first jab.

Sadiq Khan: concerned at number of Britons travelling to Spain


Mr Khan said: “If it’s possible, if you want to go on holiday internationally, go to a green list country. Don’t risk an amber country or a red country.”

Green list countries include Portugal, Iceland and Israel. There is no need to quarantine but a covid test must be taken two days after returning to the UK.

Spain today lifted its own restrictions on UK travellers, with arrivals no longer needing a negative test. It hopes to move onto the UK’s “green” list on June 7.

Mr Khan said: “What I would say to Londoners is: respect the science. The science tells us that even though we may have got a grip with the virus in our country, if you go overseas to a country that hasn’t got a grip, you may inadvertently come back with a different strain of the virus.


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