Holiday travel boosts pockets of transportation and road service employees –

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla . — Approximately 55- million people will – or already are traveling over 50-miles this Thanksgiving weekend, according to AAA. It’s good news for the economy, especially for those employed in transportation and road service industries who will spend less time with their own loved ones to help drivers like Dave Price.

“I’m doing some driving,” said Price, who plans to spend Thanksgiving with his brother in Fort Lauderdale amongst other travel.

Price represents the 49-million drivers who will spend a lot of time on the road this Thanksgiving weekend. Up almost three percent from last year. He calls the quality time a blessing.

Feeling equally blessed is Fernando Mora, Pete’s Mobile Service emergency service technician.

“It’s crazy. There’s a lot of people on the street,” said Mora.

On Wednesday Mora started his shift at 6:30 a.m. responding to service calls and was still breaking a sweat into the dead of night. It’s convenient for drivers and profitable for him.

“Make sure your levels and the oil, your coolant – all your stuff is good that way you don’t get stuck on the road,” he said.

That’s if you drive. 4.45-million Americans will fly. That’s benefiting the pocket of Isaac Rodriguez, a Lux Rider service driver.

“Service has doubled. Maybe tripled. Because all the time people are going to request rides from here to Fort Lauderdale and Miami,” Rodriguez said.

He also adds Thanksgiving weekend officially kicked-off the busy season for him. One bringing in more profits through March.

AAA also reports the rental car industry will be equally profitable. Rentals have reached an average price of $75-dollars per day.

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