HMRC elite unit hits tax evaders with 'significant prison time' – you may be targeted

Pinsent Masons detailed the increase in prison sentences is a sign that HMRC’s strategy of using targeted criminal investigations, rather than just civil penalties, as a powerful deterrent to address deliberate conduct including professional enabling and tax evasion by high net worth and ultra-high net worth individuals is bearing fruit.

The OCW was established in the wake of the “Panama Papers” scandal in 2016 to investigate serious non-compliance by businesses and the wealthiest taxpayers.

The sentencing secured in respect of the unit’s casework will reflect the fact that where you have wealthy “white collar” evaders, significant sums of money, or breaches of positions of trust are likely to be in play.

Andrew Sackey, a Partner at Pinsent Masons, commented:” HMRC is proving that wealthy tax evaders who engage in deliberate dishonesty at the expense of the tax man don’t just get fines – they go to prison.

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