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Four years ago, on August 1, 2017, when the Bitcoin (BTC) network was split in two and each BTC owner received the same amount in the new cryptocurrency Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the cryptocurrency A crucial moment has occurred in the industry. The new cryptocurrency was of real value and cost as much as $ 400 per coin. The opportunity to get some free cash in such a way will signal the launch of many forks. But greed and lucrative desires are not in this Bitcoin spin-off.

Aging pain

Anything that doesn’t work will not work.

Murphy’s law

In fact, Bitcoin has grown in value and became more popular as the number of users increased with transaction volume. Confirmation times and transaction costs have also increased, ultimately hindering the development of the world’s first digital currency. If you have to pay twice the price of a cup, no one is willing to buy coffee using Bitcoin. In addition, the merchant was not ready to wait days for confirmation of the transaction. All these issues have cast doubt on the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment.



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