High cholesterol symptoms: Three warning signs on your nails – are you at risk?

Cholesterol is not intrinsically bad – the fatty substance helps to make cell membranes and key hormones like testosterone and oestrogen. However, high cholesterol implies you have dangerous amounts of LDL cholesterol in your blood. LDL cholesterol is commonly referred to as the “bad” cholesterol because it clogs up your arteries – a precursor to having a heart attack.

“Your GP might suggest having a test if they think your cholesterol level could be high,” explains the NHS.

“This may be because of your age, weight or another condition you have (like high blood pressure or diabetes).”

How to lower high cholesterol

There are several foods which are not just part of a healthy diet, they can actively help to lower your cholesterol too.

According to cholesterol charity Heart UK, cutting down on saturated fat is a great way to lower your cholesterol and look after your heart.

The Mediterranean diet varies by country and region, so it has a range of definitions.

But in general, it’s high in vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, beans, cereals, grains, fish, and unsaturated fats such as olive oil.

It usually includes a low intake of meat and dairy foods.

The Mediterranean diet has been linked with good health, including a healthier heart.


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