High cholesterol diet: Four simple high-fibre snacks that could slash cholesterol levels


Oats and barley are not only a great way of filling up at mealtimes, they are also a great way to boost your fibre intake.

Ms Garton said: “Oats and barley are grains which are rich in a type of fibre called beta glucan.

“Eating 3g of beta-glucan daily, as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, can help to lower cholesterol.

“When you eat beta glucan, it forms a gel which binds to cholesterol-rich bile acids in the intestines. As your liver has to take more cholesterol out of your blood to make more bile, this lowers your blood cholesterol.”

The expert recommends aiming for three servings of oat-based products or barley per day.

Some ways you can incorporate oats are barley into your diet include breakfast cereal flakes, porridge or oatcakes.


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