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Whether you have left your teenage children alone or if your pet is alone because you have gone shopping or to work, have a tablet as a video surveillance systema can leave us much more calm. There are many security cameras that you can install wirelessly and connect with your mobile phone but you don’t have to invest in them if it is something specific or if you do not want to spend more.

To use your old tablet as a video surveillance system we have two options: use a security camera (there are of all prices and sizes, indoor or outdoor) and keep the application connected all the time to view it on the screen without having to “sacrifice” your mobile to see them or simply if you want to always have at a glance the screen of the tablet, larger and with everything under control. This is useful, for example, if you have a baby and you want to have the room camera always visible on the tablet while you are teleworking with your computer or mobile phone in another room. So you will see what happens at all times.

Or the second option, if we do not want to invest or pay anything else, is to use the tablet’s own camera as a video surveillance camera as if it were a continuous video call. For this second step you will need some specialized and free applications that allow you to transform the device into a video surveillance camera that will record everything that happens or that will give us remote access from other devices as long as we have previously linked them.

Using video surveillance cameras

If you decide to go for the first option, what we recommend is that you look for a video surveillance camera and link it to your tablet. Place your tablet close to where you usually are. For example, your workplace or your room. Once you have linked the camera with the application that is usually associated, you can monitor what is happening at all times. In general, these applications send a warning in case of movement or sound, but we may want to have everything controlled at all times if our children are playing in another room, if the dog is alone in the living room and we are talking on the phone, etc.

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Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of this option is that you will have a higher recording qualityn thanks to specific devices for this purpose. That is, the angle is usually better, the quality is also better and they usually have a night mode that allows you to see even when everything is dark. In addition, the advantage is that we can not only have a video surveillance system in the tablet that we have permanently but also usually we can connect it to other devices mobile if we are going out, etc. Another important advantage is that it also works for outdoor use. That is, you can have a camera outside and always have the tablet in the living room, placed on a wall mount or on a lectern, where you are watching everything that happens in the garden.

The main drawback is that we will have to shell out some money in creating this home video surveillance system: we have to buy a camera. Luckily there are devices that are not excessively expensive and you can choose a budget.

Xiaomi Mi Home Security

For less than 35 euros You can have the Xiaomi camera with 360 degree rotation that avoids blind angles and with video resolution at 720p. It has different installation modes so you can place it where it suits you best and you will control everything through the Xiaomi Mi Home application with which you can easily link it.

Logitech Circle 2

For a bigger investment, the Logitech Circle 2 is available indoors and outdoors and has a 180-degree angle lens that lets you control everything around you. It has motion detection and is compatible with assistants like Alexa, for example. It has a choice of cable or wireless version.


Also D-Link’s is a quality indoor camera that has a 180 degree angle with horizontal viewing and a 1280 degree angle with vertical viewing. It has night vision and integrates with other devices if you have more home automation devices in the house. Of course, its price is much higher and is around 200 euros. It is compatible with Android and iOS applications.

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Tablet as a video surveillance camera

In this case, we will save money since we do not have to invest in the camera but rather the tablet is the camera itself and this is its main advantage. Of course, we have the disadvantage that the recording quality will be lower. But it can help us if we simply want to control something at a specific time or if we are going on vacation and we have not thought about buying anything and we no longer have time, for example. It is useful

Place the tablet well

The first thing you will have to do is find a place on the tablet if this is the device that you are going to use to record. Find a support or a case that works as a tripod and find an angle in which you can see the entire room or the entrance of the house that you want to control or that you are concerned about. Place the tablet well that does not move and with the rear camera unobstructed so that it can take care of recording everything that is happening. Some apps allow you to switch between cameras so you can also make sure the front camera has a good angle for another area of ​​the room.

Video surveillance applications

Once you have positioned the tablet properly, you will have to install some video surveillance applications. They are specific for this purpose and usually congnate with basic functions such as motion or notification detector, PiP mode, etc.


Camy is one of the most comfortable applications to use your tablet as a video surveillance system. It is useful as a baby monitor if you do not have a specific one, to see your pet remotely or as security camera if you’ve gone on vacation. PYou can connect several cameras if you want to create a complete video surveillance system with another tablet you have at home or a mobile phone. You can switch between the front and rear cameras of the device in case you have several and have video recording or the option to automatically record video in the cloud. It is one of the most recommended, free and quality options.

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Manything is an application to turn your tablet into a video surveillance system for free although it also has payment plans if you want recording in the cloud. If you want to keep it live you won’t need to pay anything. It is compatible with Android and iOS in case you have an iPad and you can remotely view the video or receive alerts when movement is detected. It is very easy to handle and allows you to adjust detection areas and camera sensitivity or you can download the videos or share them if you need it.


Alfred is another of the most used and recommended applications and its configuration is very simple. When you download it, you can choose whether the app works as a playback or as a camera. You have to link your mobile phone with the tablet that is acting as a video surveillance camera and it will automatically give you remote access and control. It is enough to pair them using the same account and having the app. Once you have it, you can use your tablet to record or view any room. It has motion detection alerts and is capable also to allow you to speak through her as if it were a video call. This is useful if you are using it as baby monitor camera And you want to sing to the baby if he has woken up. Or if you are watching your children from another room and you want to say something to them at that moment.


This application allows us to have live broadcasts 24 hours a day or allows the videos to be saved in the cloud and you can download or watch them whenever you want. It is very easy to install and that makes it one of the most recommended and used by users.



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