Heart disease: The surprising condiment that could lower cholesterol in weeks

Heart disease describes a range of conditions that target the heart or blood vessels. It’s usually triggered by a build-up of fatty deposits inside your arteries – atherosclerosis – or blood clots. One of the risk factors for developing atherosclerosis is high cholesterol. Research shows how a certain condiment can help.

Luckily, something as simple as wholegrain mustard can be beneficial for your cholesterol, a study by Tracklements in association with Cardiff Metropolitan University reports.

And by lowering your cholesterol, you can lower your risk of heart disease as well.

The research explains that a heaped teaspoon of wholegrain mustard is all you need to achieve healthy cholesterol levels.

They add that this amount is the equivalent of 10 grams.


Their research saw 86 percent of participants experience “a significant drop” in their cholesterol levels in 12 weeks.

On average, wholegrain mustard was able to slash cholesterol levels by 10 percent.

The study reports: “With an average decrease of 10 percent in blood cholesterol levels across the sample group, it indicates a promising downward trend for those at a greater risk of developing heart disease.”

This is because having too much of the fatty substance can lead to heart disease.

When it comes to diet and heart disease, the NHS stresses the importance of healthy choices to prevent the deadly condition.

One thing they recommend is cutting down on saturated fats, found in fatty meat, lard, cream, cakes and biscuits.

Fats like this can also raise your “bad” cholesterol levels, further boosting your risk.

The health service adds to cut down on salt and sugar while increasing your intake of fibre, wholegrain foods, fruit and vegetables.


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