Hardcore Tesla owner implants car key directly into her arm

Amie DD getting the Tesla RFID chip implanted into her arm (YouTube)

A Tesla Model 3 owner has taken the dramatic step of implanting her car key directly into her arm.

Software engineer and YouTuber Amie DD took the unusual step in the name of maximum convenience and efficiency. She can now unlock and start her Tesla with just a wave of her arm.

In a video posted to her YouTube channel, she talks viewers through the process of implanting the RFID chip from inside the key card that Tesla uses in place of a regular key.

Amie said she needed to dissolve the card in acetone in order to get the chip, which was then placed into a biopolymer before being inserted beneath her skin.

According to the video, the chip was implanted into her left forearm by a professional at a piercing shop. Amie says she needs to be close to the car in order for it to work.

As her arm is still swollen from the implant, she isn’t able to upload any footage of it actually working as intended.

The Tesla Model 3 (Image: Tesla)

Amie says that she needs her arm to be about 25mm from the central console in order to work – although that could improve once the swelling goes down.

Having RFID chips implanted under the skin is nothing new – but it’s still far from widely accepted. Still, it may be worth considering if you’re constantly locking yourself out of your own car.


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